I realized that I never post on Thursday’s and I’m not sure why. I don’t have any classes today (until I have my night class tonight, which got canceled today, by the way).
Speaking of my night class, it’s a class about the Aging Process and blahblah it’s boring. I took it because I needed to be a full time student.

Anyways, for this class, we don’t have any tests; however, once a week we have to write a page paper over a topic we found interesting in the book (that my professor wrote…). Then, find an outside source and tie it in with the topic and relate it back to aging. Sounds way dumb, I know.

This week, I found a topic that I found WAY interesting. I was in the process of writing my paper about it, but then realized that it has nothing to do with “aging” necessarily, at least not what he’s looking for, so I decided to share what I found here.

So, as my header says, a Breatharian. I’m going to assume that anyone who reads this has not a clue what a Breatharian is because I’ve never heard of it myself.

A breatharian is a person who doesn’t eat or drink, like at all. They get their source of energy from breathing and the sunlight basically.

I found an article and I’ll sum it up. But it’s here if you’re interested.

Basically, the Indian military doctors from the Defense Research Development Organization took Prahlad Jani, an 82-year-old yogi, to a hospital and placed him in isolation for two weeks. The doctors watched him around the clock to monitor him.

For the full two weeks, he didn’t eat or drink anything. He claims it’s been 70 years since he’s had anything to eat or drink. Because of this, he also didn’t urinate or pass a stool. His urine (sorry if this is graphic for some ha) reabsorbed into his body after being in his bladder.

“After 14 days without food or water, stunned doctors reported that the mystic’s body had not shown any adverse effects from either hunger or dehydration.”




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