I would love to whine on here about how my horrible day was.. horrible, but I won’t.
Instead, I’ll share my two favorite games on my itouch that I like to play when I’m not busy with my nose buried in books.


Game 1: Words With Friends

Why is it so fun? It’s Scrabble. Who doesn’t like scrabble?! Plus it’s so much easier to play than the actual game because it tells you what is a word and what isn’t. That’s quite helpful, especially when trying to sneak in major point. 😉

It also let’s you play with… YOUR FRIENDS, from other iphones/itouches. Or it lets you play with random people, which is odd but still fun because I don’t think you’d want to play Scrabble by yourself.

Oh, and it’s free, which is definitely a plus.

Words With Friends

Game 2: Angry Birds

Unlike Words With Friends, Angry Birds costs 99 cents. BUT – there are so many levels to the full version of this game. It’s totally worth the dollar, I promise.

HOWEVER, there are free versions of Angry Birds, called “lite” games, that have, I think, 9 levels to play? There are quite a few of those I believe.

What’s so awesome about this game? It’s not time consuming; meaning that you can quit playing at any point and pick up where you left off. Though, it is addicting, so beware.

Oh, and I forgot. For those who’ve never heard of Angry Birds.. this is basically what the game is:
You have birds, and you slingshot them to bricks/wood/steal/ice/etc, and all of those are protecting these green pigs (HA this sounds so lame). Your goal is to basically kill them (this is not graphic either) and you get points!


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