Nursing Home Week 2

I went to the nursing home again today for the second time. We go every Wednesday.

I was WAY less nervous going in this time. I didn’t get all anxious and I was more comfortable going. This week was basically the same as last week. We went around and said hi to the residents and did some assesements while just talking to them.

When we first got there, my teacher found this lady that had a vein and an artery fused together, called a fistula. It was so interesting to feel and listen to. It felt like electricity was going through her body. And it sounded like a woushing noise in a hose or something. She was kind enough to let all of the nursing students to look and listen.

I talked to a couple other residents. Many were sleeping or out of their rooms, so there weren’t as many to talk to this time. I did talked to two ladies and did a mental assessment on them.

Then, I went home for the day 🙂


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