Dog Show

Today, my boyfriend took me to a dog show, of all things to entertain ourselves with. I’ve never been to one, so it was a new experience. It was actually pretty entertaining! I melt over dogs.. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before in a previous post.. so I was basically in heaven.

I took some photos on my journey.

As a quick side note: I have two Bichon’s. For those who don’t know what those are, it’s the dog(s) in the first 3 pictures that I took. I had to represent my two doggies 🙂 Oh.. and they don’t look anything like these Bichon’s. They’re cut short ha.


2 responses to “Dog Show

  • didiwright

    Lucky you, Savanna. That looks like the perfect place to be if you want to overdose on dogs. You’ve taken some nice photos, and you’ve even got a whippet in there (with money stuck under his collar, for some odd reason). The bichons are really cute, they all look like little perfect balls of fluff to me.

    • savbee

      Oh I definitely had an overdose! I’m pretty sure the Whippet you’re talking about might be a Grey Hound? The lady I talked to about her, said she was a grey hound (the dog’s name was Jolie), and she said she was a racing dog back in her day. She had money under her collar because it was for donations to feed the other dogs at the shelter!

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