The Pot Hole

I live in an apartment, third floor, and right next to a road. It hasn’t bothered me that I live right next to a road. It’s nothing like a highway whatsoever, and it’s not the busiest road in town. It’s the road in between two busy roads basically.

I don’t drive around here that often, considering I live in walking distance to school, and well.. I have a boyfriend for that 😉

However, what blows my mind is how OFTEN people hit this freaking pot hole right outside my place. If I look out my window, I can see this GIANT GAPING HOLE in the road. How come I can see it.. but people driving can’t!? I’m here in my town for roughly 9 months of the year for school, I drive maybe.. MAYBE.. once a week for groceries, and yet I still know where the pot holes are like the back of my hand. If I know where they are.. they should too.

They are literally craters. Like some meteor came crashing down and left a big hole in the ground.

To my point, people hit this pot hole outside of my apartment like it’s their job. Or they TRY to hit it because.. I don’t know.. it’s fun? Want to know how I know people hit this specific pot hole?

No, I don’t sit and stare out my window.. that’s creepy.

I can hear them hit it! That can tell you how deep this pot hole is to the point that I can hear it inside my apartment with my tv on… I’d say about 65% of cars driving by end up hitting it.

It’s ridiculous. People had to of popped their tire in this crater.

Maybe I should make a sign, stick in the ground, and have it point to the pot hole. I bet that would get peoples attention 🙂


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