Face Plant

Friday night, I went to a party for a friend’s 21st birthday.

From a few post ago, I said there was a lot of ice from this crazy snowapocalypse. Well, that ice has NOT melted. The baseball field in front of my apartment is literally like an ice rink. Knowing there is still ice everywhere here is important information for my mini story.

Anyways, we, as in my roommate, my boyfriend, and myself, were headed out and we had to go down some stairs to get to the street. The stairs, unfortunately, were completely iced over and in no way possible able to use them. Because of that, we decided to help each other to skip the steps, and just carefully carefully go over the ledge to the sidewalk/street. We thought that would be safer. I guess looking back, no way was safe.

My boyfriend goes first. He made it just fine.
I went second; got down fine.
My roommate followed after me, and made it down.
Then…this guy whom I didn’t know, and still don’t know.. followed last.

He was smoking a cigarette, wearing a North Face, and his Sperrys.

My boyfriend helped him down, he said he got it and was able to stand, so my boyfriend lets go.

And he face plants to the ground. Hardcore. FUNNIEST thing ever.

He fell right on his hip and elbow, and I asked if he broke anything, but he said he didn’t think so. But he was intoxicated, so he probably didn’t honestly know if he did or didn’t.

He asked if I could brush the snow off off of him, so I did.

Somehow, he managed to hold onto that cigarette the entire time. How in the world does someone manage that.



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