Second Life// A Virtual Reality

Yesterday, for nursing, I had to go into this computer lab to do a nutritional assessment on this person online.

Now before I get ahead of myself, let me explain what Second Life is, which is the program I used. I believe it’s some sort of .. virtual world game. But, I don’t understand it, and I tried to honestly. After learning about the program in class, I went home and downloaded the game on my computer. I felt like I had to though, because by the end of class, I couldn’t figure out how to put pants on my avatar!

I did sort it all out and I figured out the pants issue. But they were quite ugly. Anyways, I went into my “nutritional assessment” I had to conduct today and they put on a nursing uniform for me šŸ™‚ It was quite needed because what I was wearing would not be appropriate. ahem.

Back to the game, every nursing student gets an avatar. We use these avatars to communicate with other people and pretend that we are in a real world setting basically. For the assessment, I, er my avatar, was in a clinic and I had a patient. I basically had to ask her questions about what kind of foods she ate, exercise, family history, alcohol use, you know, the usual stuff.

It was actually pretty entertaining. I heard that our “patient” was an actual real person, not a computer or some cyborg. Ha. It was way weird pretending to be someone else, because my name for my avatar was some crazy name that wasn’t mine.

It was a really weird and interesting experiece. I’ll eventually get the conversation between us through e-mail, so that’s going to be interesting to read.

If you’re curious about it, you can go here to the site that I’m talking about. Don’t ask me for help though, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to šŸ˜¦


3 responses to “Second Life// A Virtual Reality

  • Danniel

    I’ve never played it, but I think I’m the type of person who would get addicted, and probably the type of person the games meant for considering I don’t get out in the real world that often (sad face). Actually on second thought I don’t think I’d like it that much, because I think it’s kind of like those Sims games and I didn’t really enjoy those.

    Their was a joke on the show The Office where the character Dwight was obsessed with Second Life to the point that his avatar in Second Life had created its own Second Life character.

    I disagree, I think you’ll totally be able to help people with the game. In my past experiences it’s always best to get help from the girl who can’t figure out how to put pants on her avatar. Wait, did I say best? I meant interesting. It’s always interesting.

  • savbee

    Well, I say if you want to play it, go right ahead šŸ˜› And Sims is the best game ever invented, don’t diss! šŸ˜› I have every Sims that’s out basically, except for a few new ones.

    I don’t watch the Office, but that is pretty funny haha.

    And hey.. I figured out how to get pants on her eventually! It just took some time to figure out haha. Interesting is a nice way of putting that.

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