Enduring this crazy weather of ice, snow, ice, snow is quite tiring. My car has a million layers of ice sitting on top of it right now. It took my boyfriend 30 minutes to break, yes break, not scrape, the ice off his car. All over campus and in parking lots, it’s basically ice skating. I need to invest in some ice skates.

If I could choose to be anywhere right now, it would definitely be Greece. Kind of random from going about the weather here, to where I’d want to be right now.

(Google Images)

One day I’ll make it there. It’s definitely a goal of mine; something to kick off of my bucket list. I”ll probably have to learn some Greek.

I definitely want to visit the Parthenon. I want to explore Athens and Delphi. I want to eat their food, and buy crazy clothes and shoes.

And I, of course, want to take thousands of photos.

(Google Images)


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