Living in Indiana, you must expect crazy weather.

Yesterday (Jan 31st), during the day, it was beautiful outside. Sunny and blue skies. Yesterday night.. I watched the front come in and later that evening, ICE. I had to take a writing competency last night, so I had to walk back to my apartment with ice hitting my face the entire way. Ridiculous!

It was basically in turmoil last night. Walmart and Meijers were completely out of bread. People were going nuts to get groceries because of this CRAZY storm that was on its way.

Bread Aisle at Walmart

(Taken from a Facebook group).

The first round has already passed us, but we’re supposedly getting more ice and more snow. The amount varies from like 1-2 inches to like.. 10+ inches? It’s gonna be an interesting evening. Luckily, my clinical got canceled today! Even though school is still open, which doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not complaining; I don’t have to venture out in this crazy snow and I REALLY hope electricity doesn’t go out. I might die.

Stay warm if it’s cold where you live!

(Google Images)



4 responses to “SnowPOCALYPSE

  • Danniel

    Poor bear 😦

    I’m from Portland Oregon and we get a nice amount of snow about once every four years (by nice amount I mean like an inch or two) and when we do everything goes into a panic. So it’s crazy to think that school would still be open, because over here school would have a two hour delay if there was even chance of snow.

  • savbee

    Haha I love polar bears, so I thought I’d throw a picture of one in my post.

    You’d think living up north, you’d have more snow! That’s crazy. My school stays open no matter what basically. Today, theres SO much ice, and they only delay school till 11. Ridiculous!

    • Danniel

      In Portland we’ll get way more freezing rain than snow. We’ll usually get a few snow flurries every year but it’s never enough to stick accumulate.

      What’s funny is while the rest of the country has seen all this snow we’ve been warmer than usual over here. It’s supposed to be in the lower to mid 50s all week. It was even sunny yesterday.

      I hate the weather here because it’s cloudy a lot and rains often, but we don’t get snowstorms, and we never have to worry about tornadoes, and it doesn’t get super hot in the summer, so all in all there’s never really anything to worry about weather-wise.

      I know you probably didn’t care about any of that, but you’re apparently from Indiana, and the Indiana Pacers beat my Portland Trail Blazers tonight, so I’m taking out all my anger on you in the form of an annoying comment. Sorry 😦

      • savbee

        Well, depending on if you like snow flurries or not, I guess it could be taken either way on if you like snow or not haha. Same with it being warmer. It was sunny here yesterday though. And now we’re getting mass amounts of snow again.

        And I only live in Indiana because of school. I really live in Ohio 😛 So, I don’t follow much of anything sports related with Indiana. I am sorry for your beat.

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