I went to a party last night with some friends, and the people who owned the place had these rings on. They caught my attention quite quickly, surprisingly. I asked one of them what it was and he explained that it was to raise awareness to not text and drive.

I’ve definitely heard all over the news, and every other media output, to stop texting and driving. Unfortunately, they don’t come across to me as important as they should, because I have that ego where I don’t think crashing or killing someone could happen to me. I think that I have control of the situation, but in reality, I don’t. I’ll admit that I have occasionally texted while driving and I agree it’s totally unsafe and can cause consequences.

Anyways, I managed to swipe one of the rings last night. It’s surprising how jealous people can get over awareness accessories, me being one of them. My boyfriend saw one lying in the kitchen, unattended to, so he snatched it for me  🙂 I wore it all night.

I definitely need to stop texting while driving. I’m going to start making a conscious effort to put my phone down in the car.

Thumbs Up!


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