Game Show Flop

I was watching Price Is Right today. Awesome show. I love guessing with the people to see if I could of won what they won. Sometimes, I’m right on the money….no pun intended. Sometimes I’m so off that it’s ridiculous. I sometimes think, what if I won what they just won! A BRAND NEW CAR?! A hot tub? A new plasma TV, thousands of money! That would be amazing! BUT…. I found this article….The Things Game Shows Won’t Tell You.

I knew if you ever won something on a game show, you would have to pay taxes on it. Which is such a bummer honestly. Yeah, people pay taxes..well should pay taxes, but I think it’s sort of ridiculous people are expected to pay the taxes on the things they won. Makes me not want to win anything. Well, it’s not like I’d ever get on a game show or win the lottery ha.

THOUGH… paying taxes could out weight the fact that you just won a brand new car. Hm.

And who want’s to be targeted? I know I wouldn’t want to be pointed at for winning something, or maybe not winning something. Getting harassed? I think I’d pass on that. I don’t want the spotlight on me if that’s the case.

ANYWAYS, if you have or ever get on a game show, best of luck to you 🙂 You could always sell what you win? Maybe?

SIDE NOTE: I updated my photography/games/quote pages if you’d like to check them out 🙂


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