Reason’s Why I Love Life

A – Apples and peanut butter
B – Breezy days at the beach
C – Cosmic bowling with best friends
D – Dreaming dogs
E – Earrings
F – Fancy dining
G – Girly nights with chick flicks
H – How To Train Your Dragon
I – Icees from the gas station
J – Jumping on a trampoline
K – Kissing under the moon and stars
L – Laughing at movies
M – Money found in your pocket
N – New people
O – Onions on hamburgers
P – Polar bears
Q – Quilts that are homemade
R – Reese cups
S – Seeing Harry Potter in theaters
T – Thumb wars
U – Umbrellas that are big enough for two
V – Vanilla extract in cookies
W – Where’s Waldo
X – X chromosomes
Y – Yelling at football games
Z – Zooming down back roads in the summer with windows down and music blaring


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