Where does my money go?

Money for a college student is sparse. It comes and goes as it pleases. It makes it into our wallets, lasts a day, and then it’s gone. As if it walked away. I go to the grocery store, buy my food that I need… okay.. maybe want, withdraw the 20 dollars for other items outside the grocery store, since there are no ATM’s with my service around here. Which means, if i want actual cash in my hand, I have to buy something first.

So I obviously buy groceries. Then there’s the time where I do NOT want to cook. Which leaves me, fast food, or food that requires me to sit down and pay even MORE money for. That is nice to do on occasion though… the sit down eat sort of deal. Well, how about where I live?
An apartment, which requires rent, electric and cable/internet. All of that combined is around $320 a month. Not too bad for an apartment, I must say. Even though it’s always cold. Stupid windows that leak my precious warm air.
Books.. that’s a whole other story. Let’s just say, I spent around $750 for books. For one semester. Ouch.
Nursing uniforms… nursing shoes… watch… stethoscope…blood pressure cuff… tuning forks… that all definitely added up.

I guess I’m left with my card burning in my pocket…er wallet.


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