Fountain Lady

I was on Yahoo News today.. and they always seem to have interesting articles and videos. I found this one today about The Fountain Lady.

Let me first say, HILARIOUS video. Second, why in the world is this lady even thinking about getting a lawsuit?! From the looks of it, this lady fell because she wasn’t watching where she was walking, obviously by texting. That’s not the malls fault. Malls don’t always have officers walking around to make sure no one falls into some fountain, at least not the one’s I’ve ever gone to. I would think they’re more concerned about shop lifters. It’s not like she swam around for a little bit to wait for someone to come get her. She got right out of that fountain and walked away. How does she think in those TWO seconds, someone would come to rescue her and who were also affiliated with the mall?

She also teared up in the news video. I believe. Why in the world is this lady crying? It’s a hilarious video, making her a youtube star. Hell, I’ll go fall in the fountain if I need to! I also found it hilarious that she says that she learned to not text and walk. HAHA.

There’s only one thing I agree with in that news video. A security officer should not of allowed anyone to tape via their camera phone of the video. I’m not sure if there are legal rights to security camera footage, but I’m just going to assume there are.
She just needs to calm down, for real.


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