Making 2011 Grrrreat!

It’s the start of a new year.. and a few odd amount of days to be exact. It doesn’t mean I can’t plan for this year ahead of me. I never really set a goal for myself when a new year comes around. I’m not too into the New Year’s Resolution, and I probably never will be. I hate making promises to myself that I know I can’t keep. I can at least make easily obtainable goals. Or try to.

  • Get through first semester of Nursing school
  • Keep up on my reading for class (SO hard to do)
  • Tweak my diet (er… maybe lack of diet) to include LOTS of fruit
  • Moderate my spending money
  • Stop being stressed about petty things

I might add to my list later when new ideas pop in my head. Keeping my list minimal could allow me to accomplish more though 😉



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