Trip to the Art District

Skate Shop

Flower Girl

Streets of Carmel

Art District

Walk In The Park



I decided above my closet in my apartment needed to be less bare, so I decided to make an inspirational board.

I found a 2 x 4 board
Measured my closet
Cut the board
Sanded the board
Spray painted board
Laser cutted the letters (well my boyfriend did that..)
Spray painted letters
Glued them on the board
Nailed it above my closet 🙂


Board Above My Closet




I love sunsets 🙂 And taking pictures of them.


I have a nook. If you don’t know what that is.. it’s an e-reader from Barnes and Noble. I’ve had it since last June.
I’m on spring break and I was really looking forward to catch up on some reading that I haven’t been able to do recently. Unfortunately, the freaking thing is broken. No, I didn’t throw it around or drop it.

So.. I called tech support and I guess they’re sending me a new battery in 3-4 business days. If this doesn’t work, I’m going to be very upset and sad. It’s an expensive electronic.. and I’d really like for it to work. GAH.

On a happier note, I’m going to the CIRCUS tomorrow! You can never be too old to go to the circus 🙂 I’ll take pictures and post them when I pick out the ones I like the best.

Weird Things In My Room


Bendy People

Buckingham Palace Guard

Chinese Latern

Flower Bunny

Lazy Day

Lazy day today. Spring break started this past Friday and I have no plans. My dog, Mistletoe, decided to be lazy with me in my bed 🙂


I thought I’d share my favorite panini. It’s what I had for dinner. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture because I was too hungry and ate it in like five minutes.


Thick bread with sesame seeds on it?
Smoked turkey
Provolone.. two slices, of course
French dressing

I put the lettuce/tomatoes/dressing on after I put the other stuff in the panini press and it was done.


Thought I’d share. It’s really delicious.

Smile of the Day



The Ocars are on tonight. I love watching award shows! I love seeing everyone’s dresses and tux’s, and seeing who out won the other.

What I’m most excited about is seeing who won the best picture.

Here are the nominees:

Black Swan

The Fighter


The Kids Are Alright

The Kings Speech

127 Hours

The Social Network

Toy Story 3

True Grit

Winter’s Bone

I would love to see Black Swan win this category. Black Swan blew me away. There were some weird/awkward points in that movie, but that movie was so interesting and wonderfully acted. Natalie Portman totally deserves to win an award for this.

Here would be my top 3:

1.) Black Swan

2.) Inception

3.) The Social Network


Though I do have a skewed vote here, I haven’t seen many of these movies. I have seen the top three that I chose though. Hopefully, I’ll eventually get to see these movies because they have to be good to be nominated for this kind of award. Or so I’m assuming.